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See the results for yourself. Our diverse clients have achieved fantastic, revenue-shifting results. You can do it too!

Holistic Digital is a digital agency specializing in SEO, PPC management, search engine marketing, web design and development, social media marketing, and email marketing. With our team of renowned experts and the best tools, our primary goal is to scale up your company or business by increasing its online visibility.

We are one of the leading digital marketing agencies for lawyers, healthcare providers, real estate firms, online lenders, and non-profit organizations.

We have worked on the following successful projects

At Holistic Digital, we have SEO experts and digital marketing professionals who specialize in digital marketing for lawyers and law firms. We helped NYC Criminal Lawyer with intensive keyword research, optimized content creation, quality link building, PPC advertising, and web design.

Browse through the rest of this page in order to find out how Holistic Digital can drive more online traffic to your law firm’s site and turn visitors into leads!

If you are finding it hard to gain more high-quality cases, our digital marketing specialists specializing in law firm marketing will turn user interest into highly qualified leads for your criminal defense or legal services business, as we did for LV Criminal Defense.

Using criminal defense lawyer SEO, social media, PPC, and more, we helped them with a compelling law firm digital marketing strategy.

Our digital marketing and online advertising solutions for leading law firms, such as Bukh Global, include building a user-friendly and intuitive website to bring their business to life while driving revenue growth.

For a really effective and successful digital marketing campaign for Bukh Global, we did not solely rely on organic online traffic from various search engines, such as Google. Holistic Digital used paid traffic through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and CRO to drive potential clients to Bukh Global’s website.

Regardless of how comprehensive a client’s website content is, if it is not at par with their users’ expectations, there is no guarantee that these visitors will stick around. This is where Non-QM Home Loans needed help.

Holistic Digital has years of experience and expertise bringing businesses like Non-QM Home Loans and other online lenders into the search engine spotlight. We helped Non-QM Home Loans navigate the digital landscape and connected their business with the right users that were looking for them.

We helped Non-QM Home Loans optimize their search marketing dollars for maximum clicks by optimizing click-through rates and eventually increasing conversions.

Having a medical or healthcare site show up on Google’s first page is an excellent way to reach potential clients as well as edge out competitors. This is how we helped Nevada Autism Center. We developed comprehensive SEO and PPC strategies, starting with competitor analysis and thorough keyword research.

After that, we optimized Nevada Autism Center’s website by improving the back-end with engaging and search engine-friendly content, metadata, and title tags.

This is another client that Holistic Digital helped. Our team helped Bitcoin Recovery Co. improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

These are some of the projects Holistic Digital worked on that helped our clients become market leaders in their niches, and we are proud of that.

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    With a pack of experienced and creative professionals having expertise in a diverse range of fields, such as web design and development, digital marketing, and content creation, Holistic Digital provides one-stop solutions to grow your business. Call us now for a consultation.